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How to make a mess of the UK’s Energy Planning

The Cabinet Office published a remarkable report today on energy “Red Tape”. Why is it remarkable? Because reading it closely and between the lines, there couldn’t be a more damning indictment of this government’s handling of UK energy policy since … Continue reading

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Get your Planning Scheme recognised – submit by 1st April

Have you got a great planning scheme or project? If so why not put it forward for the West Midlands RTPI Planning Awards. Given the battering which planners get from government and certain members of the public and the media, … Continue reading

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Mission Impossible? Not at Uplands Allotments it isn’t! Take a closer look

I am a member of a Project Advisory Group for the Uplands Allotments here in Birmingham. Uplands is one of the largest allotments in the country with 422 plots and it opened in 1949. Located in Handsworth it has a … Continue reading

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Vote by 6th March for Deer’s Leap in Tesco “Bags of Help”

Hi, as a Trustee of the Birmingham and Black Country Wildlife Trust, I am naturally really keen that one its projects should secure funding to further improve a long neglected part of Birmingham and Sandwell’s natural areas. Deer’s Leap is … Continue reading

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Today’s the day –Has social media influenced the making of new #Brumleader?

My thoughts on the impact of #SocialMedia on #BrumLeader election today Continue reading

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#BrumLeader hustings – what did I think?

I have now had 24 hours to reflect on the words of wisdom from the five City Council Leadership candidates. The session was very ably moderated by Diane Kemp and Zubeda Limbada. Given that has been the first time that … Continue reading

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My hopes for the new #BrumLeader !    

The Birmingham hustings should be the first time in my 30 years in Birmingham where prospective Leaders are to be exposed to questions from the public. This should be an exciting time for Birmingham and I very much welcome this. … Continue reading

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