Get your Planning Scheme recognised – submit by 1st April

Have you got a great planning scheme or project? If so why not put it forward for the West Midlands RTPI Planning Awards.

Given the battering which planners get from government and certain members of the public and the media, the good work which planners do is not often appreciated. Many proposals are improved directly through good planning. But this goes unsung and at time deliberately misrepresented.

So this is your opportunity to promote schemes and projects that have made a significant difference to the quality of the environment and to the well-being of communities in the West Midlands region. Schemes can be entered by a local authority, private consultancy, developer, voluntary group, academic institution or community.

All types of project are equally eligible, including physical development, strategies and guidance, processes and research documents. The project should be complete with the majority of the work having been undertaken in the last year or so. The judges will assess all the entries on;

  • Sustainable development – What is the project’s short and long term public benefits? How far does the submission address and balance economic, social and environmental improvements?
  • Good practice – How is the project original in approach and could it be a model for work elsewhere or developed further?
  • Community involvement – What is the degree to which local residents and businesses have been involved and engaged in delivery of the project? How have their thoughts inputted into the final outcome?
  • Planning content – What is the quality of the professional planning work involved in devising solutions to key issues and problems? What was the clear impact that the planners made to the success of the project?
  • Equality and diversity – How far has the submission properly addressed equality and diversity issues in the context of the project?

The closing date for nominations is Friday 1st April 2016 and entries should be sent electronically to the Regional Secretary

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